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Into the Vortex – a first hand review of the Unlimited OC6

The Backstory We are a group of avid paddlers from Florida. We started our club, Kai Aniani, about 7 years ago.  Our first canoe was a light weight carbon Mirage built in Hawaii by Outrigger Connection. Our second canoe was Spec Mirage and the third was a Bradley Lightning.  We also own a Fai V3 […]


 A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries; a world where anything is possible. Where we go from there is a choice I leave to you.   -The Matrix Da nana… Da nana.  OK, its not that great, but it’s close. Working on the first hull, all I could think was. “where were these things back then?” […]

What is the difference between a “custom” Hawaiian built canoe, and the canoes built in the Ozone Factory?

Vacuum Bag and Carbon Replaces Hand Laminate Fiberglass When we first started making canoes in 1991 most canoes were hand laminated fiberglass and polyester. Some builders were using foam cores and coremat and vacuum-bagging the laminates. Since then the biggest change happened in the early 1990s when builders switched from fiberglass and polyester resin to […]

Two months on the Storm

Back in March, about a week before the Olamau race, we got the first batch of Storms in Hawaii.  I spent most of April and May paddling the Storm on Maliko, Keanae, and Napili runs.  As the designer, I tend to scrutinize every detail, but after two months of paddling I wouldn’t change a thing. […]

The Storm Is Coming

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since we started making the Hurricane. Even in its 15th year we sold over a hundred of them. A fast hull is a fast hull, but a lot has changed since I designed the canoe. When I started designing the Storm I had very specific goals in […]