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Jimmy Austin: Always Longing for Another Session

The sun was out in full summer glory yesterday. We decided to put in our first OC6 distance training of the year, 10 miles of intervals at various rates. As I write this today, I’m feeling the effects of sore muscles and sunburn. “Money in the bank,” I recall Coach JB Guard saying at Hawaiian […]

Oahu’s Kanaka Ikaika: Stronger Than Ever

Introduction There has been a lot of changes and growth around the world from new canoes to new races and events. We asked Jim Foti from Kanaka Ikaika to share some of his experience. The beginning of the first small craft outrigger canoe racing association Kanaka Ikaika Racing Association (KIRA) started in 1976 with a solo crossing of the […]

Baptism Unlimited: The Blessing of Brazil’s First Unlimited Canoes

(Note: Paddlers in Brazil please contact Ozone Brazil clientes no Brasil entre em contato com Ozone Brasil) Author: Estadão Conteúdo Publisher: A Tribuna – atribuna.com.br Santos, the largest port in South America and the largest coffee exporter in the world, is now stocked with some of the most modern canoes available. One canoe came from canoe […]

An Interview with a World Class Steersman: Rete Ebb

Shortly after EDT Va’a paddlers succeeded in making themselves known at the Moloka’i Hoe, the most prestigious race of the world, we managed to interview Rete Ebb, the EDT ‘peperu’, steersmen of the team. The Molokai Hoe victory was achieved during the final minutes of the five-hour long race making it a spectacular finish. It ended Shell Va’a’s […]

Hoalen Challenge 2014: Canoe Race in Basque Country

Hoalen Challenge 2014 – Outrigger Canoe Race in Basque country Hoalen challenge is a long distance canoe race, featuring OC1 and OC2 (outrigger  canoe singles and doubles). Using a relay format, teams of 2 or 4 paddlers are competing in stunning waters of Basque Country. This event segments the 58.5Km course into 4 legs from […]

Tenerife Downwind Camp: A Paddlers Retreat & Clinic

Downwind Camp 2015 – Canarias/ Tenerife Island The Canary islands are called the Hawaii of Europe… There, you can find sun and wind all the year round. Come with us to enjoy the ocean and improve your paddling skills! You’ll meet other paddlers from different countries and enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere. Sport, relaxation, useful […]