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FIJI YOUR FACE OFF: A Paddlers Epic Adventure

The Beginnings “Buzzz buzzz.” a text came in. I was snowboarding through the terrain park approaching a box rail, the text could wait. I checked my phone when on the ski lift, the text read “FIJI YOUR FACE OFF!!!!” I was in Utah on a family ski trip when I got this seemingly random text. […]

Q&A with Kai Bartlett: Work Hard, Paddle Hard, Have Fun

Aloha Kai, Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and to tell us a bit about yourself. Many know about you through Kai Wa’a, and others know you as a dominating competitor in OC1 and the cornerstone of Team Primo at Wailea Canoe Club. Can you tell us how you were introduced to […]

2013 Hawaii State Championship Regatta | PHOTOS

At the Hawaii State Championship Regatta you will find the sport of Hawaiian canoe paddling at its peak. Generations of canoe paddlers from keiki (kids) to kupuna (elders) join to race and test their speed and turning skills. With 41 divisions in all, races last from morning to night, during which time dreams are made […]

VIDEO: Southern California – Storm Debut

The Storm OC1 made it’s way to Southern California waters earlier this year, we received some footy from a Ozone friend (shoutout to JD3) who has been riding the Storm for a few months now, here is his review: Review “The first time I saw the storm I didn’t know what to think. I was […]

Ehukai: PHOTOS

First photos of the Ehukai! Questions? Comments? Post below :) See also: Q&A With John Puakea: Ehukai Insights and More Welcome John Puakea and Ehukai Ehukai: On The Way

Q&A with John Puakea: Ehukai insights and more

There has been a lot of questions about the soon to be released Ehukai OC1, so we decided to ask John Puakea some questions directly, here is our discussion: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ozone: You are considered by many to be an innovator and authority in the Outrigger Canoe paddling community, from canoe building and paddle construction, to […]

The Storm in the Pacific Northwest

Single and double (OC1 & OC2) Outrigger canoe paddling is growing around the world, as more and more people discover the Polynesian sport of Outrigger Canoeing. A strong community of canoe paddlers can be found in the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest, where vast beauty can be found on the ocean, sounds, lakes and […]

Fishing from an OC1

When you think of an OC1 paddler most people generally imagine a canoe paddler who races OC1 in a race series or uses the OC1 to cross train with a canoe club or team. But there are many paddlers out there who do not race or train just to be fit or win races, but […]