unlimited outrigger canoe

Unlimited Potential: A first hand look at the Puakea Malolo OC6

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The Gorge Paddling Festival
Kai discusses the Antares
Jimmy paddling Ehukai OC1 outside of Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki

Jimmy Austin: Always Longing for Another Session

The sun was out in full summer glory yesterday. We decided to…
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Oahu racing association Kanaka Ikaika - Hawaiian Canoes and Stand Up Paddle & Surfski

Oahu's Kanaka Ikaika: Stronger Than Ever

Introduction There has been a lot of changes and growth around…
Unlimited Canoes Arrive in Brazil - OC6 V6

Baptism Unlimited: The Blessing of Brazil's First Unlimited Canoes

Author: Estadão Conteúdo Publisher: A Tribuna - atribuna.com.br Santos,…
Rete Ebb - Canoe Paddling Champion from Tahiti

An Interview with a World Class Steersman: Rete Ebb

Shortly after EDT Va’a paddlers succeeded in making themselves…
hoalen canoe race

Hoalen Challenge 2014: Canoe Race in Basque Country

Hoalen Challenge 2014 - Outrigger Canoe Race in Basque country Hoalen…

Tenerife Downwind Camp: A Paddlers Retreat & Clinic

Downwind Camp 2015 - Canarias/ Tenerife Island The Canary islands…