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John and Bobby PuakeaJohn Puakea is an internationally sought after canoe builder as well as a championship-winning paddling coach, whose career as a canoeing innovator and promoter has evolved with the expanding paddling sports comunity. Puakea Designs California is managed by a team of paddlers and Puakea team riders, including Maddie, Maika & Kelsy in Operations, Jimi & Kelly in Sales, and Danny Ching & Leah as Team Riders.

Puakea DesignsPuakea California works closely with clubs in Southern California and beyond, by organizing events, clinics, and coaching. Their flagship event is the Wild Buffalo Relay, a 41-mile channel crossing between Catalina Island and Newport Beach.

Team Puakea is knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. Please reach out to them if you are in the area and in need of support or sales of Puakea Designs products.

Danny and Leah ChingLearn more about Puakea Foundation, committed to perpetuating the art of canoe and paddle making in Hawaii.

Puakea Designs California
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