Tenerife Downwind Camp: A Paddlers Retreat & Clinic

Downwind Camp 2015 – Canarias/ Tenerife Island

The Canary islands are called the Hawaii of Europe… There, you can find sun and wind all the year round. Come with us to enjoy the ocean and improve your paddling skills!

You’ll meet other paddlers from different countries and enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere. Sport, relaxation, useful tips, new sensations, warm climate, physical training and preparation for the upcoming season.

New For 2015

  • Guest Coaches from Hawaii, elite paddlers
  • SUP Camp with equipment for downwind conditions. (Boards by SIC Maui)

Schedule and availability 2015

4 Camp Dates for You To Choose:

  • February 16th-23th: 10 places
  • February 23th- March 1st: 10 places
  • March 2nd – March 8th:10 places
  • March 9th – March15th: 10 places


Price: 650€

Whats Included:

  • Airport shuttle at Tenerife South Aeroport
  • Accommodations near the beach
  • Complete Breakfast
  • New Canoes OC1/OC2 from the Ozone factory (optional paddles)
  • SUP board by SIC Maui
  • 1 Downwind run/day
  • Personal advices with Rémy Lavie and Hawaii guests.
  • 1 Xcel products package.

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