Fishing from an OC1

When you think of an OC1 paddler most people generally imagine a canoe paddler who races OC1 in a race series or uses the OC1 to cross train with a canoe club or team. But there are many paddlers out there who do not race or train just to be fit or win races, but simply to enjoy the water.

The OC1 makes it possible to cover a large area and go to hard to reach places in the ocean, lake or rivers. This is one reason why a number of paddlers have taken up fishing from their OC1 as it combines a great past time with their paddle and recreation, and the thrill of catching a fish and bringing home some food for the household, or whole neighborhood if you’re lucky like our good friend Dave Ward! He went out for a paddle with rod and and a line and came back with Ulua (or Giant Trevally) What a catch Dave, congratulations!

What do you use your OC1 for?

Do you also fish from your canoe? Do you have any fish stories to share? We would love to see what paddlers are doing around the world with their OC1 to enjoy the water.

Here is a great youtube video of another Maui paddler Rob Phillips who catches a 50LBS Ulua on new years eve. Watch the fight and see the rig of his Ozone Hurricane.