Welcome Johnny Puakea and Ehukai

Hi Everyone,

Were really excited to welcome Johnny Puakea into the Ozone ohana! Johnny recently came to the factory and here is some of his pictures from the visit.

Johnny says:

Johnny Puakea - Canoe Designer“Just back from Outrigger Zone factory. We got the Ehukai plug cut on the CNC machine and worked out a lot of the details with the lamination. I have to say that I am really impressed with the setup there and with the level of technology that these guys have elevated canoe building to. The new Ehukai will be built as one piece with two layers of prepreg carbon on each side of the core, and then put in an autoclave at 225 degrees. Prepreg means that the carbon already has the epoxy in it, so there’s no poring of resin, making the process cleaner and the resin-to-carbon ratio consistent and correct every time.

The autoclave is a pressurized oven that allows much more pressure on the vacuum bag, with high heat. This technology makes for a much stronger laminate and eliminates the issue of canoe distortion from the sun and heat once built.

Making prepreg autoclaved canoes is something I have always wanted to do. This is by far the most advanced method of building canoes that I have ever done or seen. Now that I am working with OZone, I am able to make canoes the way I want to–and distribute them worldwide.”

“I’m stoked and excited to have Danny Ching and Jimmy Austin on board in this new venture. Please contact Danny, Jimmy, or me for ordering inquiries or to be put on the ordering list.”

Welcome Johnny,Jimmy,Danny and Ehukai.





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  1. Suprchrg96@yahoo.com
    Suprchrg96@yahoo.com says:

    ALOHA ! Beautiful Va’a Braddah John…I myself own a Hurricane ..If I had the Kala this would be my replacement ;o)

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