The 15-1/2 pound Storm is the strongest canoe we’ve ever built.

That’s right, stronger and lighter.

Some people will say it isn’t possible.  Some might scoff and say they’re too light to be durable.  But if you’re reading this article on your smartphone you already know that progress marches on.

The typical approach to saving weight is to use less material, keep tight control of how much resin you use, and to maintain attention to detail when putting the internal components.  Most builders understand that, so the weights are all fairly similar.  It’s easy to see why someone might question the durability of a 15-1/2 pound canoe – if the same approach were used to reduce the weight.

But that’s not what we did.  We used a better process, better materials, and eliminated most of the weakest material in the canoe – paint and epoxy putty. Without the sixty linear feet of epoxy putty normally used to join the canoe and ama, we saved so much weight that we decided to add to the durability of the canoe by increasing the density of our core material.  We also use titanium instead of stainless steel wherever we can.