Bungee chord used for cargo holds can be restrung using stock cable lines. Our recent models use a 4mm bungee, while older models use 3.5mm. See chart below.

10 feet is recommended length for a cargo hold.

Sold in 10 foot length, so please ad 2 to cart if you are restringing front and back cargo holds etc.

Vega, Vega Flex, Volare, Ares, Antares, Gemini and Kahele use a 4mm bungee

  • Diameter
  • Surfski
  • Kai Wa’a
  • Puakea
  • Mike Giblin Canoes
  • 6mm
  • Gemini, Ares, Antares, XM, XS, Pegasus
  • Volare, Kahele, Kahe Kai
  • 2019+ Tempest
  • 4mm
  • Vega, Vega Flex
  • Ehukai
  • 2012-2018 Tempest
  • 3mm
  • Puakea
  • Storm, Hurricane