Draco OC1

The Draco is a low volume, calm water canoe, designed with the versatility to serve a larger range of paddlers in calm to small surf conditions.


The Draco was designed for calm water to small surf conditions, as well as emerging paddling communities.

Kai Bartlett Canoe designer “We set out with a clear intention to better serve calm water markets…As we began conceptualizing the design we noticed an increase of OC1 participation from the dragon boat community due to the pandemic.  With that in mind, we designed different features and benefits to cater to this unique dragon boat community, in addition to our initial goals.”


  • The Draco is not a replacement for the Ares. The Ares was designed as an all-around canoe and the Draco was designed from scratch (hand-shaped from foam) as a calm water canoe.
  • Pronounced  (Drey-koh)
  • The Draco is also available as a Pro Model, eliminating 2-3 lbs | 1-1.3 kilo in weight. The Draco Pro logos, cockpit, and ama can be customized color, however, no graphics or color changes to the hull.

FEATURESDraco OC1 details and notes

RIGGING – The ama can be rigged on either side of the canoe to accommodate Dragon Boat time trials and more. Paddlers will have the option to rig their canoe on whichever side they prefer based on paddling style and level (i.e. beginner paddler leaning more toward the ama for stability or a more agile paddler looking to lean away from the ama for better speed).

In addition, the Draco will have the versatility to rig with an ama on both sides simultaneously.
(*Note: Draco Double Ama is still in development. See Add-on – Draco Double Ama below)

VOLUME – The Draco is a low-volume canoe.

ROCKER – Reduced rocker for lakes, rivers, and light downwind conditions.

WEIGHT – Aesthetics and features were simplified to keep the canoe as light as possible.


Draco Bow Action(measured using 40lbs plug, we will update this info once we have production model to test)

  • 20’ 1″ | 6.12 m – at 155 lbs | 70 kilo
  • 20’ 3.75″ | 21.59 m – at 180 lbs | 81 kilo
  • 20’6” | 6.27 m – at 200 lbs | 90 kilo


  • Kai Wa’a Flat Water
  • Kai Wa’a Mid Water (Default)
  • Ozone 4” Flat Water
  • Ozone Weed


Customers will have the option to purchase an after-market removable single-position footplate. The footplate will allow shorter paddlers to keep their weight in the correct position.
(see rendering below)

Customers will have the option to purchase a second set of iakos & ama
*This Special Feature is in development, please hold on questions and orders until this page is updated.

Pro Model OC1 by Ozone


canoe building construction


Accessories Included

Outrigger Canoe Accessories


  • 100% carbon layup
  • One piece monocoque construction
  • 3x atmosphere cure
  • Hybrid epoxy polyurethane marine paint


  • Full carbon i’akos
  • Full carbon rudder with titanium shaft
  • High density foam core hull for added stiffness
  • Full carbon pedals
  • Mono footwell with double drain
  • Self centering rudder (safety feature)


  • Boat Length: 20’6″ 6.2 Meter
  • LOA: 20’6” | 6.27 m
  • LWL: 20’1″ to 20′-6″ | 6.12 m – 6.27 m
  • NOSE WIDTH: 7.125” | 18 cm
    (measured 4′ from the nose)
  • CENTER WIDTH: 15.75″ | 40 cm
    (measured from the center of boat)
  • TAIL WIDTH: 8.5” | 21.59 cm
    (measured 4′ from the tail)

ozone color options

ares oc1 review


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