Composite Repair for Outrigger Canoe or Surfski

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If you are looking for support in repairing your carbon fiber outrigger canoe or Surfski, here is a guide on how to determine the damage and execute a surface repair. We advise customers to seek professional help when available.

If you are an Outrigger Zone customer, please call us with questions at 808-573-7852. Mahalo!

  1. Determine the type of damage, how deep, and what is the best course of action. Seek support if needed. Call us 808-573-7852
  2. Avoid repairing too deep into the layup if possible.
  3. If the fracture is deep and breaks the foam layer (figure B) you can use filler to bring to the carbon layer. If the fracture breaks inner carbon (figure C), you will need to repair that layer first, which is not covered in this guide. Seek support.

For surface repair:

  • Start your repair at the deepest level of fracture, taper from there 1” or so to the paint layer.
  • Mask area 0.5 inch from the paint line.
  • Use orbital sander & sandpaper to dish out the scarf, tapering from the deepest level of fracture, out 1 inch to paint.
  • Hand sanding is best to prevent removing too much material by accident.
  • Add carbon layer to fill the base of the void, mix & apply resin.
  • *Wipe area with rubbing alcohol before applying carbon/resin.
  • Use 4.8oz or 6oz carbon weave.
  • *West Systems Epoxy Resin 105 + Hardener 205.
  • Add fiberglass cloth to fill the top-level of the void.  Fiberglass will be better for sanding smoother (vs carbon). Apply resin.
  • Use painters plastic to the mold shape. Squeegee out bubbles & excess resin under painters plastic. Cure.
  • Using a sanding block, start with 100 grit and flatten until even.
  • Increasing to 220 fine grit. All areas where the paint will go should be scuffed well.
  • Primer + Dry + Paint + Dry + Clear Coat + Dry
  • See here for RAL color codes and spray paint matching suggestions.