Hurricane OC1 – Versions

The Hurricane OC1 is the longest-running OC1 model that is still in production today. Since 1991 Mike Giblin has made small adjustments to parts and features of the canoe, while the hull shape has remained the same.

What has changed?

  • Seat: From hard foam track seat to velcro soft foam seat (we only offer the velcro soft foam seat now)
  • Tiller: From external T-Plate to > Internal Lever Steering system  to > Internal T-Plate
  • Rudder: V1 and V2 have the same rudder location, V3 has the rudder moved forward closer to the stern.
  • Steering Cable: From steel cable to Dynema
  • Iako: From push-pin to twist lock

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How to determine the version of your Hurricane OC1?

Version 1: Above deck (external) with T-plate (steel cable)

Version 2: Has cover plate with 2 screws

Version 3: Below deck (internal) with T-plate