How to buy a canoe?

Option 1) From Your Local Dealer
We stock our distribution with canoes and kayaks, where you can choose from the models and colors they have available. You can also make a custom design order with your local dealer, order parts, inquire about repairs and warranty etc. All our dealers are like family to us, for the most part, we have been working with them for many years and they are pillars in the canoe communities they represent.

Option 2) Browse the OIS and Claim a boat

The Ozone Inventory System, OIS, houses all our canoe inventory. You can view existing inventory and isolate by model and location. If you have the capacity to pick up at that location, make a claim and we will contact you with payment and pickup information.
You can also design your own canoe and have it shipped to you. Keep in mind that direct shipping is not always available and the best option is to ship to the distributor, which is free to you.

What’s the best canoe for me?

Ozone offers three competing brands – Kai Waa, Puakea Designs and Mike Giblin Canoes. Within each line there are different models that correspond to the size of the paddler and the size of the conditions that you paddle in. Generally, the bigger you are, or the conditions where you paddle are, the larger the canoe. However, many larger paddlers have skills to make smaller canoes work for them and vice versa, so it is best for your to test yourself.

The Kai Wa’a line from smallest to largest is: Scorpius XS, Scorpius XM, and Scorpius. Puakea Designs is currently offering the Ehukai and Kahe Kai. The Ehukai is a canoe designed for all around conditions and lighter/smaller paddlers. The Kahe Kai was designed for bigger paddlers.

The Mike Giblin Canoes features the Hurricane and the larger Storm. A paddler whose weight borders between two models can differentiate based on the conditions he is likely to paddle in. Once you’ve narrowed it down to two or three models we strongly recommend taking them out on the water to see for yourself.

What settings should I use to rig my canoe?

The distance between the ama and the canoe, the height of the ama, and the trim of the ama can all be adjusted when rigging your canoe.

The settings where the iakos enter the canoe adjust the distance between the ama and the canoe. Moving the ama away from the canoe will make the canoe more stable. Rigging the ama closer will give the paddler more control over the ama. An experienced rough water paddler will prefer it closer while a novice or flat water paddler will prefer it rigged out.

The settings where the iakos enter the ama control both the height, and the trim (nose up or down) of the ama. A heavier paddler will want the ama higher because the canoe will ride lower in the water. Conversely, a lighter paddler will want the ama lower. The deeper the iako is inserted into the ama the higher it will be.

Setting the trim of the ama is about personal preference. Start with even settings in the front and back, and then experiment to see what you prefer.

I have a problem with my canoe. What should I do?

If your canoe is in need of repair and you are looking for someone to work on your canoe, try calling your local dealer (see our dealer locator page). For answers to common repair questions see our Documents section. If you need parts for your repairs, you can contact your local dealer or Ozone directly at support(at)

Do your canoes come with a Warranty?

We will repair or replace any defective items for one year from the purchase date. Each of our dealers works with a qualified repair shop. In the event of a defect, the customer can take the canoe to the shop, and the cost of the repair will be paid by Ozone. If a repair will result in a significant reducution in quality of performance or cosmetics, Ozone will replace the canoe. This warranty does not apply in the following circumstances:

    • Damages due to normal wear and tear.
    • Damages due to rough handling, improper care and maintenance, incorrect rigging, or impacts.
    • Damages from breaking waves.
    • Repairs performed by unauthorized repair shops will not be covered without prior consent.

What are the color codes of the canoes you build?

ozone color options

1: No color
2: Pele Black / #9005
3: Momi White / #9003
4: Kona Red / #3020
5: Kala Yellow / #1021
6: Kauai Green / #6029
7: Lanikai Green / #6018
8: Maliko Blue / #5010
9: Waimea Blue / #5015
10: Waikiki Teal / #5021
11: Maui Magenta / #4010
12: Cali Pink / #3015
13: Ola Orange / #2002
14: Metal Blue (Metalic)/ #5025
15: Quick Silver (Metalic)/ #9006
16: Metal Gunship (Metalic) / #7048
17: Ali’i Gold (Metalic)/ #1036
18: Aina Red (Metalic) /  #3032
19: Nai’a Grey  / #7004
20: Honu Turquoise / #5018

How to replace push-pins in Iako

  1. First you need to push the pin out of the hole so that the spring pin is inside the Iako.
  2. At this point usually you can tap the Iako on the ground when you hold it like a cane. The pin should come out to the opening at the end of the Iako. You don’t have to tap really hard.
  3. If the pin does not come out a coat hanger or screw driver to grab it and pull it out easy enough.
  4. Insert the new pin through I’ako openning. slide it in and push it with a tool ie: Screwdriver etc.

What is the ProModel?

The Pro Model is an ultralight layup with hardware and paint modification that comes with AMC cover and multiple rudders. The paint is standardized brushed carbon primer, we do not add custom graphics or colors to the ProModel.
Learn more here:

Pro Model

How to determine version of Hurricane OC1?

Version 1: Above deck with T-plate

Version 2: Has cover plate with 2 screws

Version 3: below deck with T-plate