Mounting GPS, Speed Coach or GoPro on OC1 Canoe – Iako etc

If you have a Speed Coach, GPS, or GoPro and are planning to mount it to your OC1 or OC2 outrigger canoe, you may consider these options/ideas.

  • Surface: Adhesive Mounts can attach to surfaces, check to be sure it is secure and perhaps attach a safety line or float so it does not sink or get lost in the water, etc.
  • Iako: Tube mounts and Bicycle Handle Bar Mounts can fit on Iako. Ozone Iako diameter is 1.25 inches or 31.75 MM, the smaller
  • Footwell: Models with footwell covers include Volare, Kahele, Kahe Kai, Ehukai. The footwell cover can be re-attached with straps, rubber, etc, you can secure devices to straps/rubber.
  • OC6 Stern Mount: The Malolo and Vortex have a 1.25 inch / 31.75 MM insert that can be used for camera mounts, lights etc. The insert is 1.25 inch / 31.75.

Other related questions:

  • What is the diameter of the Iako on Ozone Built Canoes? ( ie: Ares, Antares, Gemini, Cantare, Volare, Kahele, Kahe Kai, Ehukai)
    The Iako diameter is 1.25 inches / 31.75