Quick Ding Repair Ideas for Outrigger Canoes and Surfski

(For a more extensive composite repair see this document here>>)

1) Tape or sticker

You can sticker or tape the area as a temporary fix. If there is no actual breach in the hull, this might be the best option here, as you can always take your repair further if needed.



Gorrilla Clear Waterproof

2) Paste Epoxy or sealant

Marine centers will have past compound kits that you can rub into dings, these work in water as well. When doing a long voyage I carry some with me.



3) Epoxy Resin

This will take more time than the other options above, but will be closer to a complete repair. I suggest SolarRez, a UV activated epoxy resin. You can purchase on Amazon, marine center, or surf shop should all have or similar.