Ozone Paint Colors: RAL Color Standard

Ozone Built Products are painted with Marine Polyurethane Paint using the RAL color standard.

  • We offer 19 colors for you to choose from (listed below) which are thoroughly tested.
  • Since ocean sports equipment sustains consistent exposure to the elements, paints are chosen carefully.
  • We do not offer custom colors.

ozone color guide

Ozone Colors: Fabric Colors used on OC6 Spray Skirts

Fabric Colors

For spray skirts used on OC6 canoes, we use a combination of Polyester and Neoprene, with color options below.

Note: Polyester Purple discontinued. Neoprene Black is now the only option for Neoprene.

Outrigger OC6 Canoe Fabric For Covers and Spray Skirts