Hurricane Seats

  • Older versions of the Hurricane were built with a Track Seat.
  • We later retired the track seat and do not offer replacement track seats.
  • Customers will need to convert to the newer H2 Foam Seat.

Photos Of Track Seat and Foam H2 Seat

Steps to Convert from Track Seat to H2 Foam Seat (Hurricane OC1)

  1. Remove the old seat and track with a screwdriver.
  2. Screw holes are capped, so water will not leak into the canoe.
  3. Use contact cement or E6000 Glue (E600 seems to be easier) to attach the velcro strip to the canoe seat tray. Most Ace or True Value hardware stores stock E6000 or Barge.
  4. Please be sure to read the instructions carefully!