Ozone has been designing and building canoes for 20 years. We build the Hurricane, Tempest, Scorpius XM, Scorpius XS, Storm and Ehukai. We also make spray skirts for a variety of OC6 canoes. Our latest products are the unlimited OC6 canoes, the Vortex and the Puakea Designs UV6. On our site your can learn about our products in the products section or purchase parts in our store. We also have a comprehensive consultation form for those of you who are first time buyers. You can also pick up tips and tricks on paddling, canoe maintenance and more in our blog or ask a question in our Q&A forum.

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Hoalen Challenge 2014: Canoe Race in Basque Country

Hoalen Challenge 2014 - Outrigger Canoe Race in Basque country Hoalen challenge is a long distanc

September 28, 2014 read more

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